Mentoring USID 117865, 117874, 12544

USID: 117865 L4 Cr5

Source and maintain information to assist and support learners;
Provide assistance and support to learners;
Maintain records of assistance and support provided; and
Review support services.

Duration: 4 days 8h00-16h00
(45 min lunch break; 1×20 min tea ;1x 15 min tea)

To recognize and equip people who provide a basic level of support and assistance to learners about their learning; assessment needs and recognition opportunities. The program also provides formal recognition which will enhance the employability of mentors and is part of the core components of the following ETDP qualifications:

• National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices .Qualification ID 50334 NQF 5
• Further Education and Training Certificate: Occupationally-Directed Education Training and Development Practices Qualification ID 50332 NQF 4

USID: 117874 L5 Cr 6
Identify and analyse learner needs;
Prepare and review an individual development plan;
Provide guidance to learners;
Maintain records of learner needs and guidance provided; and
Evaluate services provided.

USID: 12544 L4 Cr 4
(This L4 Unit standard is optional and is for mentors assisting in portfolio building in the workplace)

Provide information to candidates about outcomes-based assessment in general and their assessment in particular.

Advise and support candidates to prepare, organise and present evidence.

Entry requirements:
Competent in the field in which they will provide training.

Min number of learners per group in Port Elizabeth:
Min of 5 learners
Min number of learners per group in other areas:
Min of 9 learners

Check and give feedback on evidence.